Pencil on paper + Digital



“Today is the 10th day of the third month of 2018.

I know this came a bit too late, but I forced myself to get this done (especially since I skipped 2017’s) It took me quite a while to draw this as i haven’t been drawing that much for the past 2 years. I’m trying to get myself back on track with my arts, I’ve became a yes-man lately, so expect more personal projects to come out this year. It’s gonna be tiring for me; to balance a full-time job and pursuing my passion at the same time, but fuck it, if not now, when?”


“I realized the universe will never stop expanding and the sun will never stop traveling on its orbit around the milky way. Life goes on.

2017 was full of unexpected ups and downs. The year I got my self better. The year i ended my 1 year social media hiatus. The year we shot and released some of the most amazing projects at Kix; that i would be proud of forever. The year we travelled to 6 countries in 6 weeks and met tons of amazing people - a total of 9 countries throughout the year. What a ride!

The Moon didn’t give up on me.”


“If you follow my annual new year sketch, you will remember this structure. Back then i wrote “2016, an unknown journey”. Little did i know, 2016 was actually a fucked up psychological prison! The year i was damaged twice, tortured to the point that I lost my passion for everything. I was broke and broken. I stopped drawing and put myself in a cage and went on hiatus for almost a year. My mind got too stressed that it triggered eczema, and since then the sunlight never touch 95% of my skin. The year felt too long but passed by like nothing. I cant even remember exactly what happened. All i know, i survived, thanks to The Moon.”