Graphics on cutom made concept superbike. Final design was permanently painted on the body.

Digital screen shots by Art:tech

Process photos by Kenny

Final images from


I have always been a fan of Kenstomoto since I discovered the Demolisher 2 years ago. Then fell in love with his Mechastallion. I was even thinking of getting my own bike to get Kenstomoto to custom.

Then a few months ago, Mr Kenny himself contacted me on a possible collaboration on a new bike he’s working on. He saw my artworks & designs on my FB and interested to work together. After few FB messages & whatsapp conversation, I found myself working on decorating one of the craziest bike design I have ever seen in my life (or in anyone’s life in fact!).

Here’s a behind the scene photos of the process & some of the initial concepts. Both me & Kenny are a huge fan of mecha, robots, Gundam & futuristic design. So naturally the design process started as a Gundam inspired bike. Then Mr Kenny told me that he have the image of my custom handpainted Stormtrooper helmet in his head since he saw it on my FB and asked if the design should be inspired by that instead. I decided that for me to work on something like that, I can’t do it digitally, I have to draft it physically because I need to see the actual curves and shapes. Squeezing my time to work on this in between my day job, traveling, freelancing & band practise, I spent a night at his workshop, brainstorming the design together and came out with a final concept after a few hours of masking tape session. The initial color way was gold on matte metallic red, but Mr Kenny decided to make the design subtle and as you can see, the end result is mindblowing!

All the mechanicals, concept, body design & final look are by Kenstomoto. My contribution is just the line work / design, which is like only less than 10% of the whole process. But to work on something different, to see how the master builder himself work and to have my logo sitting next to Kenstomoto’s is such an honor and a personal achievement for myself.


Congratulations to Kenstomoto for getting the amazing bike done in time, and thanks for the opportunity.


After a few failed attemps trying to design it digitally, I decided to physically sketch the design with masking tape.


Digitizing the sketch and minor adjustment before sending the final design to the body paint shop.


Some of the rejected designs during the early stage of conceptualizing.