Oil on Skate Decks

(Set of 2)


by Art:tech

for Vans 50th Anniversary

Exhibited for House Of Vans KL's Vans 50th anniversary celebration by Vans Malaysia at Slate, The Row KL on March 19th 2016.


The sacred tablet of Codex LXVI is a recorded moments in the history of Vans, told through iconography, symbolism, ciphers and binary. It was inscribed with gold and black paint on an unusual modern day wooden tablet - skate decks.


Gold - Gold is the color of prosperity, power and magic. The paint used in this artwork is the same paint used to paint shrines. A skate deck in gold symbolized the holyness, power and magic of skateboarding.

Black - The black ink was painted on top of the gold background to symbolized the struggles on top of the success. The combination of both colors symbolized the harmonic balance between the good and the bad moments.

Deck as sacred tablet - Symbolized the culture which believers religiously skating and wearing vans.

The inspiration - Inspired by the gold paintings of Thai's Buddhist temples, this artwork is a combination of traditional art with modern pop culture. This relates to my understanding of the future; old knowledge + new discoveries = the future.

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Decoding the sacred tablets of Codex LXVI