Decided to revisit a rejected sketch made for a project with Samsung in 2014. But the perspective have changed, read up:


“Culture is the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time”

- Cambridge

“A cultural construct is an entity or relation that does not follow automatically from biology / chemistry / physics / statistics / psychology per se, but instead represents a shared understanding or practice among a set of people.”

- Quora


Culture is a dynamic construct that evolves through time. I don’t believe in getting attached to any particular culture from any particular time. I believe in cultural evolution. I believe we should reinvent culture, not preserving culture. I believe we are heading towards a global culture, a cross-culture future, a singularity in thinking/consciousness. A global citizen. One human race.

Perjuangan bangsa adalah sia sia.


Quoting my old Facebook status:

“Well, sorry to say that, that will happen eventually no matter what. The world is becoming smaller (ever since hundreds of years ago, but the process is even faster now with the internet) and culture will eventually remixed and merged. We are at the start of this global consciousness process. Humans will come to a point of singularity - in culture, language, knowledge & technology.

And of course the most influential culture will win at the end. That is why every single empire in history will spread their arts and bring culture and architecture to the land they rule. Even today, most of the first world countries put a huge importance in their arts. We, a tiny asian country that maybe only make up a few tiny percentage out of the 8 billion humans in the world, are at lost. And i’ve made my peace with that. Thats why i said perjuangan bangsa adalah sia sia. Because at the end it doesnt matter, its just culture and culture will keep evolving, some will die, new ones will emerge, a remix of the ones before. We dont even live or talk or dress like people from 200 years ago. And 200 years are nothing in the universal scale.”