Pen, pencil, acrylic on paper


For "2057" group exhibition.

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+) is an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing sophisticated technologies to enhance human intellectual and physical capacities.

Transhumanist view death as a disease. It might be possible for humans to live agelessly. And so the quest to amortality/immortality begins.

Scientists have been trying to extend human life for deep space exploration - to reach the closest star. And they are working on it as we speak.

Decades ago, plastic surgery wasn't a popular trend and wasn't affordable for the masses. The same will happen to the life-expanding technologies. In the future, extending one's life will be possible, accessible and affordable that it will become a trend amongst the elites.

Utilizing technologies to enhance our ability is our very nature. We have been inventing various technologies to help us advance; languages, knife, controlling fire, mathematics, phones, internet, etc. Technology is what define us as humans. Embrace.

The quest to immortality : The Heart

The heart is the most important organ in our body. It's what keeping us alive. If it stops, thats the end of us. What if it doesn't have to stop beating? Right now there's already a person who have lived a whole year without his real heart. He's been living out of an artificial heart kept in a backpack. In the future, this technology will become more advance, smaller in size and affordable; everyone could live longer. The heart is an essential part of the quest to immortality. This is not science fiction, this is happening right now. This is the future.

The quest to immortality : The Body

Our physical body is very fragile. Bionics, prosthetic, exoskeleton, biotech, implants and organ replacement will be fully utilized to extend our physical capabilities and to replace damaged organs. In the future, disability will be an advantage. Human enhancement will become a popular trend. Paralympic could become the biggest and most exciting sports event. Humans will even give up their organic parts for a more advance and versatile bionic prosthetics. Cyborgs are already living amongst us. This is not science fiction, it is happening right now. This is the future.

The quest to immortality : The Mind

In the future, we will finally be able to decode our brain. We will understand how it works and with that we'll be able to enhance it's capability. We could add new skill or information to our brain as how we install new programs in our computers. We could expand the capacity of our brain by linking it to the internet. Right now we are using our connected smart phones as our second brain -- storing information that we can't or don't want to remember, and new information can be easily obtained anytime anywhere with just a few keystroke. Now imagine that capability is embedded in your brain, we could share all the knowledge in the world with our connected brain, anytime anywhere. We could store more information with our cloud connected brain. We could also upload a copy of our mind to the cyber space. This is one of the means to become an immortal -- digitally, metaphysically. Our physical body might die, but our consciousness can live forever digitally. This is not science fiction, this is happening right now. This is the future.