(Feed me the truth)

Pencil on Paper



2018 Note :

I drew this almost a year ago. Kept it in my sketch book because i drew this for myself and i don’t feel like sharing it. My artworks are very personal to me, thats the reason why i don’t sell them.

I haven’t been drawing that much for the past 2 years. Looking at what some ‘artists’ are doing as of late, i almost don’t believe in art anymore. It’s all business. It’s all fame and being cool. Its all eye candies with no actual reason, questions or solutions. It’s all about putting yourself on a certain level in society, to prove something to people. To be known.

I believe that art should exist for a reason. I believe artists hold the superpower to educate and influence the public. I believe artists should be intelligent & academic people. I believe artist should push themself to question everything and find solutions too. Artist are philosophers, activists, and problem solvers, and art is just the medium to deliver the message - the same as books, songs and Facebook statuses. Art is not important, the message is.

My hiatus and anonymity is a personal practice. To distance myself from the illusion of achievement via money, public praises or approval. To distance myself from the urge to compete. To not put my own self in front of my arts. To really take a step back and see the bigger picture. To ask why do I do arts? To be in peace with not trying to prove anything to anyone. To not let money become my motivation. To not pressure & rush myself to be something or someone. To make sure i do art sincerely and with a reason. To let it flow naturally.

I’ve since somehow set a rule for myself : only produce meaningful art, or don’t.

Art shouldn’t be a selfish act.

Art should be pure & honest.

Art should be questioning and answering.

And I question myself all the time.


Limited Edition Tshirt



Water based ink / 100% cotton